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Washington 192, Noord 12040, ARUBA

This past Saturday, the Go Cultura Foundation hosted a special screening of the documentary “Historianan desconosi di nos bandera” (Unknown Stories of Our Flag) at WManor. The event offered the general public a unique opportunity to be among the first to witness this captivating documentary, followed by an intimate concert by the talented Edjean Semeleer.

Historianan desconosi di nos bandera” embarks on a journey to unveil the hidden stories behind the creation of our national flag, as seen through the captivating lens of researcher Sarah Bollinger. With this screening, Go Cultura Foundation aimed to showcase the incredible discoveries made throughout 13 years of dedicated research, culminating in this captivating documentary.

Following the film, the evening took an interactive turn as both executive producers of the documentary, who are also the co-founders of the Go Cultura Foundation, opened the floor for questions from the audience. 

The producers engaged in a lively discussion, providing insightful responses that further enriched the experience.

This event proved to be a resounding success, combining historical discovery with the soulful melodies of Edjean Semeleer.

A special thanks also goes to our generous sponsors whose support made this event possible:

We also sincerely thank all the private entities who contributed to the film’s realization. Your generosity and belief in this project have not only made a significant difference but also played a crucial role in its success.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined the Go Cultura Foundation for the special screening of “Historianan desconosi di nos bandera” this past Saturday at WManor! Your presence and enthusiasm made the event a truly special evening. We were thrilled to share this captivating documentary and the insightful discussion that followed.

Their commitment to cultural exploration and education is invaluable. We look forward to bringing you more exciting events in the future!

Stay tuned for future events by Go Cultura Foundation!

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